Monish Shah : (Founder and chairman) 

An MBA from Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA, began Milana Kreations in India after researching the jewellery industry for a while.  Mountings was a very low key product not marketed and developed properly by the previous companies in the field. He had a vision to take it globally and make the emphasis of Indian jewellery mounting also important in the global market. Now leading the industry Milana Ktreations has been taken to the top position in the Industry.  Monish had a vision to expand comprehensively and now after achieving great success in Indian market with clients in Delhi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Chennai, Surat & Mumbai he is on onboard the global ship with clients in USA, Europe, Korea and Asia.

Pravik Shah : (Founder Partner)
Backbone of the company, Pravik has a master from Roehampton University, London. His concentrated learning in operations and management gives him insight on production and development. His constant innovation for product development adds to the company portfolio. Milana kReations has reached a record of 100,000 products in 5 years, all due to the hardwork and endeavour of this young man. Who is just in his 20's.

 Sushant Shah : CEO

MBA from Brandeis University, Boston, USA is a visionary for global expansion. His communication skills and ability to connect with clients has helped the company penetrate the American market and he continues to thrive in the same fashion. 

Akshay Shah : COO 
Handling operation in USA, Akshay is now pursuing his executive MBA at Pace University, New York, USA. He is responsible for branding, digital marketing and social media efforts. He is also heading the ecommerce division for MKore.

Vivek Shah : Head of Marketing

Vivek Shah being the youngest in the group, is the breathing mechanism for Marketing, Sales and Promotions. With a background in Marketing he plans &  leads the best of the events needed for the growth of Milana Kreations, thus taking it towards Global Leader in their Industry. Surprisingly Mr. Vivek is still in the very small age of his teenage of starting business and leading it.